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Ensure your balcony is dependently safe

When you step out onto your balcony or observation deck, you want to feel confident that your surface is safe. Sun, rain, hail, and other influences can not only cause your balcony or observation deck to be slippery; it can lead to damage that diminishes the appearance and longevity of your surface. Coatings create an environment that welcomes you to enjoy your outdoor space more often.


Whether you have a small balcony at your home or want to improve a large deck at your commercial space, feel confident our coatings will help you make the most of your surface.



Protect your balcony from the sun

The sun is one of the most damaging influences that can impact an outdoor surface. The exceptional Life Deck products we use to craft your coating resist softening and damage in even the most intense solar exposure.

Let us help you create the safest and most durable surfaces for your balconies so you can feel confident enjoying your space.

Experience the benefits

•Slip resistant

•Fire retardant, one hour fire rated

•Monolithic construction for an even finish

•Thermal expansion resistant

Protect your balcony from water

Water on your balcony can lead to slippery spots as well as progressive damage. Flashing for drains and waterproofing create a protected surface that resists damage and eases fall risks.

Balcony rooftop deck after wire lath  deck