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A floor that will stand up to your demands

Commercial floors have greater demands than residential floors. Depending on the particular activities of your business, your floor must stand up to a wide variety of influences that can create serious issues for the surface, as well as a dangerous situation for anyone who is using the floor. An effective coating protects your commercial floor and makes your space safer.


Look to our skilled and knowledgeable team to provide honest, straightforward evaluations of your needs and recommendations for reliable solutions.

Make your floor safer

Safety is an essential consideration in any commercial setting. These coatings are designed to prevent slips and falls that can lead to serious injuries for your employees or customers.

Put your confidence in our over 22 years of experience to bring expertise, skill, and dedication to your commercial floor coatings.

Protect your floor from damage

•Wheels and equipment




Give your floor a distinctive look

Durability and safety don't have to mean your floor has to look plain and unattractive. Ask us about enhancing your floor with decorative chips to add custom flair to your space.

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