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Protect and enhance your concrete

Concrete is a fantastic choice for a wide variety of flooring applications. Commonly used for commercial and industrial flooring because of its cost-effectiveness and ease of customization, concrete can be enhanced through a variety of coatings that encourage even greater durability and resistance to damage.


Look to us for a variety of concrete coating options to create a floor that will stand up to the demands of your application and perform reliably for years to come.

Simple protection from acid

and vapor

The PM400 coating system is designed for simple application, but provides exceptional protection from moisture vapor emission, as well as the ability to withstand spillage of acids including acetone.

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Benefits of 5000AC system

•Ability to withstand wheeled traffic

•Abrasion and impact resistant

•Resistant to automotive fluid, oil, and chemicals

•Light reflective and highly resistant to UV degradation

Design your concrete surface

A beautiful alternative to more expensive materials such as granite, concrete can be stained and finished to a variety of patterns and colors for an attractive, low-maintenance, and durable surface.

concrete paint after coating before coating concrete coating