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Do you want to create an appealing, durable deck?

Your deck is a wonderful expansion of your home or business. Whether it is designed for your family's entertainment or a benefit for clients, ensuring your deck is as beautiful and lasting as possible gives you years of enjoyment. Look to us for exceptional quality Life Deck materials that can be quickly and easily customized to create an aesthetic that perfectly complements your style and expression.


We use a multi-layered deck coating which is trowel applied over expanded metal lath. This system provides a slip resistant, waterproof walking surface that is resistant to substrate cracks. Waterproof flashing for drains, vertical surfaces, thresholds, as well as stress relief for thermal expansion are incorporated into the system. The thickness is approximately 1/8" - 3/16" and presents few elevation problems at doors, landings, steps in existing structures.  Monolithic contains no joints or seams and may be installed over any sound, solid, dry subsurface. This will not soften under extreme solar temperatures

Exceptional protection

Life Deck is rated as a Class A and One Hour fire resistive flooring system and has been approved by ICC-ES Evaluation Service. This provides exceptional protection both for your deck and your entire structure and will not soften under extreme solar temperatures.

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Design a unique, decorative surface

•Decorative chips

•Decorative flakes

•Paints and finishes

•Custom logo application

Experience the versatility

You don't have to completely start over to create a deck that is both beautiful and functional. Apply Life Deck materials over any solid, sound, and dry surface so you can take the deck you already have and transform it.

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